(standard for all Harwick models)

One of the biggest challenges in the furniture industry is the effective transportation or shipping of valuable and fragile furniture. What sets Harwick apart from other Office Chair manufacturers is the process we put in place to ensure that your new office chair arrives in perfect condition. The last thing you need to worry about is if your furniture will arrive safely. We at Harwick pride ourselves on using high quality materials to provide our customers a great peace of mind that your office chair will remain safe during transportation. Here is what our packaging process entails:

Step 1

Harwick Packaging Process Step 1       Triple Wall Corrugated Detail

Here the original carton is shown which is triple corrugated


Step 2

Harwick Packaging Process Step 2

Here we show a picture of the original opened carton

Step 3

Harwick Packaging Process Step 3

In this step the components are removed and laid out.

Step 4

Harwick Packaging Process Step 4

Next, the mechanism is removed for inspection

Step 5

Harwick Packaging Process Step 5

Once our technician completes inspection they bubble wrap the mechanism

Step 6

Harwick Packaging Process Step 6

Next, the Pneumatic Cylinder is unwrapped, inspected and then bubble wrapped.

Step 7

Harwick Packaging Process Step 7

All parts are then packed back inside the original carton

Step 8

Harwick packaging Process Step 8

Next we place an additional layer of bubble wrap on top for added protection, then the armrests are added

Step 9

Harwick Packaging Process Step 9

Multiple layers of bubble wrap added on top of arms for carton protection. Hardware taped to inside of carton flap to prevent being lost in transit.

Step 10

Harwick Packaging Process Step 10

Original carton is then enclosed inside yet another triple corrugated carton for additional protection

Step 11

Harwick Packaging Process Step 11

Here is a view from top of original carton within the second carton

Step 12

Harwick packaging Process Step 12

Top of carton sealed with extra strength gum tape (much stronger than packing tape). The carton is now ready for shipment.


Step 13

Harwick Packaging Process Step 13

Here is a picture of a 40 x 48 pallet of chairs being prepared for LTL shipment. All of the cartons are still double boxed for protection during transit.

Step 14

Harwick Packaging Process Step 14

Final Step – Edge protection added and shrink wrapped to perfection. This pallet is now ready for shipment.

As you can see our packaging process is second to none. Order any of our Harwick Office Chairs listed below with the peace of mind that they will be delivered securely and promptly. 


Harwick Multi-Function
Leather Drafting Chair



Harwick 100KL



Harwick Deluxe Mesh
Drafting Stool [3052D]



Harwick 3052D



Harwick Deluxe Mesh
Office Chair [3052]



Harwick 3052



Harwick Ergonomic
Leather Drafting Chair



Harwick 6058c-d-38




Harwick Ergonomic
Adjustable Drafting Chair



Harwick 6058c-d-85



Harwick Contoured
Drafting Stool [100KE]



Harwick 100ke-133



Harwick Extra Wide
Big & Tall Leather
Office Chair [8229]



Harwick 8229