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Office Star Contemporary Armless Office Chair [73638]
This contemporary armless office chair, from Office Star, is available in your choice of chocolate, white or black eco-leather upholstery. Other features include a built in contoured lumbar support curve, mid pivot knee tilt control for a more rela...
Regular Price: $259.99
Sale Price: $239.99
Office Star Contemporary Armless Office Chair [73638]

Computer Chairs and Task Chairs

Shop hundreds of name brand computer chairs and office task chairs from Office Star, Allseating and many others - all built for optimal comfort and functionality ideal for anyone spending a great deal of time at their desk. Many of our computer chairs offered below have ergonomic adjustments for a comfortable and supportive fit. These chairs are for the desk jockeys that spend way too many hours at their desk. They may not be as classy as traditional or executive chairs, but they are ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable and supportive during your long work day.

Whether you're looking for leather, fabric or mesh upholstered computer chairs, Office Chairs Unlimited is sure to have a chair that will suit your needs at an unbeatable price and keep you comfortable all day long!

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Adjustable Ergonomic Fabric Office Chair [43808]
HON ComforTask® Office Chair [5901]
Ergonomic Eco-Leather Multi-Function Computer Chair [EC4350]
Boss Fabric Office Task Chair [B9090]
Safco Vue™ Mesh Back Big and Tall Office Chair [3397]
OFM Anti-Microbial Vinyl Task Chair [119-VAM]
Offices To Go™ Mesh Office Chair [OTG11647B]
OFM 24/7 Heavy Duty Dispatch Chair [247]
OFM Superchair Office Task Chair [105]
OFM Anti-Microbial Vinyl 24 Hour Chair [241-VAM]
Multifunction Ergonomic Office Chair [OTG11653]
Safco 500 lb. Heavy Duty Office Chair [3490]
SAFCO Mid Back 24/7 Chair with 500 lb. Capacity [3491]
OTG™ Ergonomic Computer Chair [OTG11613]
Safco Alday™ 24 Hour Office Chair [3391BL]
Ultimate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair [2300]
Office Star Heavy Duty 24 Hour Chair [54666]
Boss Computer Chair with Contoured Backrest [B1016]
Industrial Ergonomic Work Chair [KH580]
Boss Red, Pink or Blue Microfiber Task Chair [B325]
Office Star Dual Function High Back Ergonomic Chair [33347]
Office Star High Back Ergonomic Chair [33340]
Office Star Adjustable Back Height Task Chair [33101]
Office Star Task Chair with Arms [33107]
Office Star Mid Back Adjustable Office Chair [33320]
Contemporary Armless Desk Chair [SC3014]
Mesh Chair with Lumbar Support [OTG11668B]
OFM Executive Ergonomic Fabric Chair [125]
HON Volt™ Ergonomic Task Chair [HON5703T]
Boss Fabric Computer Chair [B315]
Boss LeatherPlus Task Chair [B305]
Multi-Function Ergonomic Desk Chair [43819]
OFM Multi-Function Posture Task Chair [118-2]
Office Star Eco-Leather Task Chair [EC4300]
Office Star Faux Leather Chair with Flip Up Arms [FL89675-U6]
Eco Leather Task Chair with Flip Arms [ECH8967R5]
Office Star Contemporary Armless Office Chair [73638]
Mid Back Office Massage Chair [BT-2770P-GG]
Armless Mesh Back Task Chair [EM20200]
Mesh Backed Office Chair with Arms [EM20222]
Office Star Ergonomic Office Chair [8180]
OFM Big and Tall Heavy Duty Office Chair [700]
Mayline Ultimo Deluxe Executive Chair [ULEX]
Industrial Urethane Workstation Chair [KH520]
OFM 24 Hour Office Chair [241]
Executive Mesh Back Office Chair [B580]
Office Star Mesh Managers Chair with Flip Up Arms [80885AL]
Boss LeatherPlus Armless Task Chair [B1560]
Boss B1561 Adjustable LeatherPlus™ Task Chair [B1561]
Office Star Computer Desk Chair [8120]
Contoured Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair [4019AG]
Safco Soft-Tough™ Polyurethane Task Chair [6900]
OFM Computer Task Chair [150]
Boss Multi-Tilter Ergonomic Desk Chair [B1002]
Office Star Discount Computer Chair [SC117]
Economic Student Task Chair [B205]
OFM Fabric Office Chair [122]
HON Multi-Task Office Chair [5903]
Upholstered Contemporary Home Office Chair [648]
HON ComforTask® Fabric Task Chair [5902]
Pillow Top Mid Back Leather Office Chair [EX9381]
Lumbar Support Leather Task Chair [UL330M]
Multi Color High Back Leather Task Chair [EX9382]
Office Star Eco Leather Task Chair [32-E3371F3]
Deluxe Managers Leather Office Chair [2900]
Deluxe Leather Task Chair with Headrest [29008]
All Seating Midback Presto Chair [52090]
Allseating Presto 24 Hour Chair [52011]
Allseating Presto Petite Chair [52240]
All Seating Twist Task Chair [27020]
Allseating Chiroform 24 Hour Chair [97011]
Office Star Multi-Function Task Chair [2907]
Allseating Chiroform High Back 24 Hour Chair [98130]
Allseating Chiroform Mid Back 24 Hour Chair [98030]
Allseating Inertia High Back Mesh Chair [78140]
Allseating Therapod Therapist Ergonomic Office Chair [50190]
Ergocraft Atlas Heavy Duty Office Chair [E-85682]
Deluxe Loop Arm Task Chair [DH3405]
Mid Back Ergonomic Computer Chair [8512]
High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair [8511]
Leather PlusTM Mid Back Executive Chair [B756SS]
Ergocraft Harvard Task Chair [PS-2481]
Basyx Mid Back Managers Chair [VL602]
Ergocraft Zoey Mid Back Fabric Office Chair [E-46951]
Ergocraft Soft-Sit Ergonomic Computer Chair [E-52884V]
Multi-Control Ergonomic Office Chair [43998]
Boss Aaria Ergonomic Task Chair [ADID33]
Boss Aaria Multifunction Ergonomic Computer Chair [ADID34]
Upholstered Office Chair with Adjustable Arms [SC66]
Mayline Multi-Function Ergonomic Task Chair [4021]
Mayline Comfort Series 24-Hour Chair [2424AG]
Office Star Ergonomic Computer Task Chair [43891]
Boss Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair [B2007]
Boss Mid Back Fabric Task Chair [B495]
Ergocraft Palisades High Back Office Chair [E-50184]
HON Unanimous 24 Hour Chair [7604]
HON Unanimous Adjustable Office Chair [7622]
HON Mid Back 24/7 Task Chair [7624]
HON F3 Low Back Office Chair [FWC3]
7800 Series Ergonomic HON Chair [7808]
HON High Back Posture Task Chair [7803]
Ergonomic Mid Back HON Task Chair [7828]
HON Universal Mid Back Task Chair [7823]
HON Unanimous Mid Back Desk Chair [7628]
HON Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair [7708]
Ergocraft Stratus High Back Task Chair [E-31781V]
Distinctive Series High Back Task Chair [41572]
Distinctive Series Mid-Back Task Chair [41573]
HON Volt™ Series Office Chair [5701]
HON Padded Folding Chairs [PN1AUU]
Dual Function Ergonomic Office Task Chair [36420]
OFM Armless Plastic Task Chair [200]
OFM Ergonomic Fabric Task Chair [611]
OFM Upholstered Office Task Chair [635]
OFM Contoured Office Computer Chair [640]
Contemporary Office Desk Chair [651]
Mid Back Computer Task Chair [3121]
Contoured Ergonomic Task Chair [SC59]
HON F3 Mid Back Office Chair [FW04]
Armless Computer Chair [OTG11610B]
Upholstered Armless Task Chair [OTG11650]
Offices To Go™ Fabric Task Chair [OTG11611]
Mid Back Office Task Chair [OTG11651]
Offices To Go™ Task Chair with Arms [OTG11612]
High Back Office Chair with Arms [OTG11652]
OTG™ Ergonomic Office Chair [OTG11631]
OTG™ Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair [OTG11710]
Ergonomic Executive Office Chair [B700]
Boss Caressoft™ Vinyl Desk Chair [B706]
Boss Aaria Breathable Fabric Office Chair [B767]
Mesh Multi-Function Office Chair [B6008]
Boss Black Mesh Task Chair [B6216]
Lorell Executive Mesh Chair [90039]
Lorell Contemporary Mesh Back Office Chair [86203]
Allseating Viva Mesh Task Chair [49045]
All Seating Mesh Back ZIP Chair [95040]
Lorell Mesh Back Office Chair with Leather Seat [90041]
Lorell Mid Back Office Mesh Chair [85036]
Boss Designer Office Task Chair [B780]
Boss Mesh Inlay Ergonomic Computer Chair [B781]
Mayline Executive Ergonomic Posture Chair [9414AG]
Mayline Mercado Leather Computer Chair [2528]
Air Grid Shadow Mesh Office Chair [55-M22N17]
Office Star Fun Colors Fabric Mesh Office Chair [5200W]
OFM Stars Series Modern Task Chair [326]
OFM Stars Vinyl Computer Chair [326-VAM]
Mesh Back Crescent Moon Task Chair [336]
OFM Mesh Back Plastic Office Chair [336-P]
OFM Moon Mesh Back Vinyl Office Chair [336-VAM]
HON 350 lb. Capacity 24/7 Chair [7754]
Lorell Ergonomic High Back Mesh Chair [86200]
Lorell Multi Function Mesh Office Chair [86201]
Office Star Adjustable Ergonomic Mesh Chair [98341]
Basyx Mesh Mid Back Office Chair [VL712]
Basyx Plush Leather Office Chair [VL692]
Basyx Executive Faux Leather Chair [VL131]
BALT Ergonomic Posture Perfect Chair [34571]
BALT Spine Align Ergonomic Office Chair [34556]
BALT Ergonomic ReFlex Task Chair [34437]
Contemporary Screen Back Mesh Office Chair [EM20522-3]
Managers Faux Leather and Mesh Office Chair [EM20522-3U]
OFM Multi-Shift Intensive Use Office Chair [242]
Ergocraft Cameron Ergonomic Office Chair [PS-5964]
Basyx High Back Ergonomic Task Chair [VL630]
Basyx Armless Student Task Chair [VL610]
Safco Poise Executive High Back Chair [6300]
Safco Poise Mid Back Office Chair [6301]
HON Sensible Seating Executive Chair [6003]
HON Mid Back Mirus Task Chair [MAM1HUB]
HON Ergonomic Mirus Low Back Chair [MAL1HUB]
HON Ignition Low Back Chair [ITL1AHU]
Mid Back Upholstered HON Ignition Chair [IWM3AHU]
HON Ignition Series Mesh Back Office Chair [IWM2]
Ergocraft Titan Ergonomic Office Chair [E-96882]
Lorell Fabric Upholstered Office Chair [60321]
Lorell Contoured Fabric Office Chair [86902]
Lorell Bailey Series Multi-Task Office Chair [81101]
Lorell Accord Upholstered Ergonomic Office Chair [66153]
Lorell Accord Series Mid Back Office Chair [66127]
Lorell Millenia Adjustable Task Chair [80006]
OTG™ Contemporary Mesh Office Chair [OTG11691]
Offices To Go Mesh Managers Chair [OTG11646]
Contemporary White Vinyl Office Chair [33-Y22P91A8]
Deluxe Black Vinyl Task Chair [5500V]
SpaceFlex™ Contemporary Office Chair [88-Y22BP91A8]
SpaceFlex™ Black Vinyl Office Chair [88-Y33BP91A8]
Perforated Pillow Top Boss Executive Chair [B7106]
Boss Black Mesh Office Chair [B6508]
Mesh Back Managers Office Chair [B6406]
Boss Ergonomic Mesh Chair [B6018]
Boss Economy Mesh Back Task Chair [B6105]
Office Star Screen Back Task Chair [EM2910]
Boss Multi Function Ergonomic Task Chair [B3035]
OFM Stimulus Faux Leather Armless Office Chair [521-LX]
Lorell Westlake Bonded Leather Executive Chair [63282]
Office Star Eco-Leather Executive Office Chair [ECH68801]
Avenue Six Dorado Home Office Chair [DOR26]
Screen Back Office Star Mesh Chair [EM51022N]
Offices To Go Mesh Back Task Chair [OTG11686]
Air Grid Mesh Office Chair [13-37N1P3]
Office Star Air Grid® All Mesh Office Chair [13-77N1P3]
Office Star Mesh Back Chair with Fabric Seat [13-7N1P3]
Office Star Air Grid® Mesh Managers Chair [5540]
High Back Air Grid All Mesh Office Chair [818-11G9C18P]
Office Star Air Grid® High Back Mesh Office Chair [818-31G9C18P]
High Back Mesh Chair with Leather Seat [818-41G9C18P]
Mesh Back Self Adjusting Office Chair with Custom Seat [829-R2C728P]
DuraGrid® Full Mesh Auto Adjusting Office Chair [829-R11C628P]
DuraFlex Self Adjusting Mesh Office Chair [829-R22C728P]
HON Boda High Back Mesh Office Chair [MH01]
C-POD High Back Ergonomic Task Chair [57112]
Mayline Valore Mesh Task Chair [TSH3]
Offices To Go™ Ergonomic Mesh Chair [OTG2803]
Office Star Pro Grid Mesh Back Task Chair [98346]
Ergocraft Mid Back Office Tablet Chair [E-31952V-TAB]
Boss Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair [B6338]
Boss High Back Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair [B6888]
Office Star SpaceGrid Mesh Task Chair with Flip Up Arms [529-3R2N1F5]
Ergocraft Workmate Office Task Chair [SS-20652]
Safco Flaunt Contemporary Leather Chair [3456]
Ergocraft Workmate Armless Office Chair [SS-20551]
Safco Precision Armless Task Chair [3380]
Basyx Mesh Back Office Chair [VL521]
Basyx Computer Mesh Chair [VL531]
Ergonomic Knee Sit Chair [KCM1420]
Office Star Multi Task Ergonomic Mesh Chair [2902]
Office Star Mesh Back Task Chair [29024]
Kneeling Chair with 5-Star Base [KCM1425]
Office Star Wood Finish Kneeling Chair [KCW778]
Boss Ergonomic Kneeling Chair [B248]
Offices To Go Armless Mesh Office [OTG11642]
Armless Faux Leather Task Chair [ST52050C]
Office Star Faux Leather Task Chair [ST52052CA]
Designer Black or White Mesh Office Chair [EM52022C]
Basyx Mesh Task Chair [VL210]
Flex Back Pink Computer Chair [166006]
Armless Swivel Task Chair [499]
Office Star Mesh Student Chair [EM20600]
Fun Colors Pneumatic Mesh Task Chair [EM39800]

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