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Drafting Chairs & Stools

Office Chairs Unlimited's drafting chairs and drafting stools have been hand selected for quality, durability, and comfort. The most important factor when considering a counter height chair is the seat height. Just how tall should a drafting chair be? We typically advise to measure to the top of your work surface, then subtract 10-12 inches to come up with the proper seat height. Our tall stools and draftsman's chairs come in many seat heights and numerous colors to match any office or workroom environment, and our prices are second to none. For users over 250 lbs. we recommend this heavy duty drafting chair.

Browse our selection of ergonomic drafting chairs and comfortable, low-priced drafting stools below. Sure, you can shop for drafting chairs at IKEA or Staples; you won't find a very good selection, and they are most likely their house brand which is typically poorly constructed. Here, we have hundreds of high-quality chairs to choose from! For the undecided, we encourage you to check out the Harwick brand. They ship out the same day and are probably the most comfortable drafting chairs you will ever sit in. You can view the entire line of Harwick chairs here. Need a drafting table? We carry those as well. Have questions? Give us a call!
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When searching for the best drafting chair for you, be sure to take into account the design of the chair as well as the padding. We sell quite a few mid-range drafting chairs that are an absolute pleasure to sit in all day. This one is our personal favorite: Harwick 100KL Ergonomic Leather Drafting Chair. Sure, a cheap drafting chair will get you through the workday but may cause aches and pain from lacking enough padding or an ergonomic design. Treat your body well; you only get one!
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